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Beautiful 15th Century stone house in Croatia

On an island off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, architect Steven Harris and interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts, both from New York, restored a 15th-century stone house as a vacation getaway for themselves. The residence, part of a compound, overlooks the harbor. The designers used handmade Tuscan terra-cotta roof and floor tiles and preserved and enhanced the stone walls. All the construction materials and furniture came in from the mainland ferry, everything had to be hand-carried 156 steps up the hill to the site. The designers created large open spaces within the 1,500 square-foot shell. They wanted to take advantage of the unimpeded views by situating the living room on the second floor and relocating the kitchen and dining areas on the downstairs level, with French doors that spill out upon the lush gardens. Throughout, they stripped wood paneling back to the stone walls and preserved the existing ceiling timbers. More contemporary furniture decorates the home, contrasting with the old world structure. via

Photography by Scott Frances

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  1. Lopud točnije. Je, zbilja je predivno.

  2. Lopud - najljepsi otok na svijetu !!!

  3. Božanski lep mesto i kuća! Rado bih napustila život u gradu radi ovakvog raja :)))

  4. Nema dalje na ovom svijetu



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