nedjelja, 27. lipnja 2010.


The town consists of the wonderful old town, which rises steeply along the slopes beside a Frankopan castle (16th century), and of a more modern part of the town situated along the coast. Bakar was once an important trade port, and a fishing, winegrowing, shipbuilding and maritime centre. A maritime school was opened there long ago in 1849, graduating many sailors. In the last 15 years, Bakar has resumed steps towards developing tourism to the high standards of that in the surrounding area. In its more recent past, it was a centre for tuna fishing in the northern Adriatic and the town receives many foreign visitors.

četvrtak, 24. lipnja 2010.

Living room tiles

Today we finally removed the old wooden floor from our living room. We're going to put in white stone tiles instead. Aren't they beautiful? The wooden floor just didn't "fit" into our vision of the new living room. I'll let you know when the tiles are placed. :)

srijeda, 23. lipnja 2010.

Summer mood

Couple of photos I've made recently. To celebrate the beginning of new summer.

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petak, 18. lipnja 2010.

Our garden

Lubitel and expired Agfa Chrome 200

nedjelja, 13. lipnja 2010.

Hotel Balatura

The Hotel Balatura is situated in the idyllic Vinodol valley, 6 km from Crikvenica. It is surrounded by karst mountains and green forests.

The 300-year old family manor has been fully renovated and turned into a comfortable hotel with every room being unique in design and layout. The hotel offers various activities such as paragliding, climbing, diving. If you are more interested in cultural activities, you can participate in sightseeing tours, creative-writing workshops, wine tastings and much more.

petak, 11. lipnja 2010.

Our home

Welcome to our home! This is the entrance hall. We rescued this rug and chair from throwing away and the cabinet was purchased on sale and then painted over. The terracotta pot is from our local garden center.

četvrtak, 10. lipnja 2010.

Photographer Adriano Bacchella

Beautiful homes by the sea with white walls. So perfect.

srijeda, 9. lipnja 2010.

Stock photography

Just want to show you some of my mediterranean stock photos you can buy...

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